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  • OXI...NO reacts with, neutralizes and transforms rust.

  • It penetrates and seep through layers of rust until it reaches the molecular structure of the iron to be treated.

  • It will not blister to its strong penetrating powerk of filmogenous elements.

  • It acts thoroughly on divalent and trivalent iron, resulting in perfect adhesion to the metal layer.

  • It primes rusted iron surfaces so that protective paints will stick.

How To Use:

  • Before treating a surface with OXI...NO, some prior preparation is needed. Not all rusted surfaces are alike.

  • If surface showa pure rust with no layering, all you have to do is to brush surface clean and free of rust particles or dust to apply OXI...NO.

  • There are cases where rusting occurs with impurities, such as in grease residues, galvanic surfaces, paints, etc. Which form waterproof layers that prevent the product from penetrating down to the iron. Here, you have to scrape down far enough to open the pores and get a reaction.

  • When OXI...NO is applied to areas where splotching has occurred, the product must always be applied to the rust. If applied to the painted area, it must be cleaned before repainting.

  • Apply OXI...No with a paintbrush, roller, spray gun or by immersion.


The brush or tool used to apply OXI...No must be clean and free of residues from any other substance (dissolvents, turpentine, etc.). Simply clean brush or tool with water after application.
Let dry 3 hours (depending on room temperature) before painting. Any commercial brand of paint may beused. Follow application and drying procedures recommended by the paint manufacturer.


One litre cover between 65 sq. Ft and 98 sq. Ft., Depending on the surface. If the layer of rust is extremely thick, apply two coats.